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How to Write a Good Research Critique

When a student has to conduct a critical analysis of his research paper, he will have to learn how to write a good research critique professionally. This job has many delicate angles and one will require high-quality piece of advice if he wants to cope with this assignment effectively. Research critique writing tips will be at hand for every student who has troubles with academic writing.

Step One: Present General Information about Article

The starting point of critique writing is the presentation of basic facts about the article under analysis. You ought to write the title of an article, its author, place and year of publication. Then, you should think about the field of study and the actual relevance of this research. Think about the main idea of an article, its purpose and research approach. Define the major motives of writing. Moreover, you need to define the theoretical background of this research.

Step Two: Analyze Methodology of an Article

When you have provided readers with the basic information about an article, you are able to start deep analysis of its content. Firstly, you ought to think about its methodology. You can share your point of view about the urgency and usefulness of the utilized methods. You should try to be objective and evaluate these methods adequately. Say whether they help the author answer the research question; whether the research questions are set appropriately; whether there are limitations of this methodology, etc. It is reasonable to present strong and weak sides of the chosen research approach.

Step Three: Analyze Findings

Every research paper has its definite aim and achievements. Your task is to demonstrate these achievements to your reader. Analyze all findings of an article and write about their relevance, and usefulness for the chosen field of study. It is possible that you will have to brainstorm a few interpretations of these findings, because they can be understood in the different ways. You can say how these findings can influence the selected field of study and its further development.

Step Four: Analyze Structure of Your Article

Now it is time to analyze the structure of the article under research. You should say whether the author has managed to write a coherent and logical text. Write about the style of his writing, vocabulary, stylistic devices, etc. Say whether he is able to link separate ideas and paragraphs together constructing a well-balanced and sound academic paper.

Step Five: Evaluate Article Wisely

Finally, you ought to summarize the critique and say about the usefulness and urgency of the article under observation. Enumerate its advantages and say how it contributes into the development of human knowledge.