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How to Write a College Research Proposal

A research proposal for college can be a challenge for every student, because they possess little experience and poor professional and analytical skills. If one wants to learn something new about college research proposal writing, he should pay attention to our writing guidelines that can improve the quality of his academic assignment.

Step One: Plan the Process of Writing

The initial step in proposal writing is the construction of a detailed outline that will illustrate your actions, all parts of your paper and all key points that you want to research. A research proposal is a delicate assignment, because one demonstrates a plan of his future investigation with the purpose to persuade his professor in the success of the chosen topic. Therefore, a precise and logical outline will be a good start of your effective college research proposal.

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Step Two: Prepare an Introduction

The main duty of every student is to make his reader interested in his research proposal and it is possible to attract one’s attention with the help of a well-structured and informative introduction. Naturally, this section should reflect all key points that will be observed in your research proposal and your task is to present them in the favorable light. One is able to provide readers with a background of the problem, its relevance and importance. It is reasonable to start your proposal with a rhetoric question or valuable and thought provoking facts. Consequently, your reader learns about the details of your topic and is prepared for the further presentation of information.

Step Three: Write about Plans and Predictions

When one writes a research proposal for college, he is expected to demonstrate his creativity and professional skills, so he should show that this research would be very useful for his self-development. He should share his personal ideas about the possible results of this investigation and about the actual objective value and importance of this research for him. You have to demonstrate in the clearest way what you want to research and what you want to achieve in order to impress your professor and to convince him to accept your topic.

Step Four: Dwell on Your Methods

Now you will need to demonstrate all methods that will be applied during the research. It is wise to describe all steps and procedures that will help you achieve your expected results. The choice of your methods is a very difficult step; therefore, you should treat it with responsibility.

Step Five: Evaluate the Project and Present Sources

You should try to evaluate the usefulness and duration of your research project and finally, write down all sources that will be used during the process of your research.