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How to Write a Good Master's Research Proposal

Every student who is going to build his academic career and defend his Master’s degree will need to demonstrate his knowledge and professional skills and complete an effective research paper which can impress the professor. But before that the student is supposed to attract the professor’s attention to the chosen topic, otherwise he will not be permitted to investigate it. A successful research proposal covers a detailed plan of research of an interesting, thought-provoking and unique topic, which has its own methodology and the selected sources essential for the research. Of course, it is not easy to cope with such an assignment at once, so there are some Master’s research proposal writing tips which can be at hand:

Step One: Pick the Right Topic

The process of Master’s research proposal writing begins just from the moment of the choice of the topic for the analysis. The student should be aware about a few things about choosing a topic. To begin with, one is supposed to be interested in the problem under investigation seriously, otherwise he will not devote enough time and efforts to the process of writing and the quality of such a paper will never be excellent. Moreover, student should avoid picking broad topics not to lose the point of the research and focus on the narrow and quite limited topics which are easier for the analysis.

Step Two: Complete a Good Outline

When there is a problem to organize the structure of the assignment, it is better to prepare a logical outline which will cover all the core sections of the paper and contains the major problems suggested for the research. Further in the process of writing, one should always follow the steps noted in the outline not to miss any important point.

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Step Three: Create a Hypothesis Part

A research proposal is a try to conduct a research on the undiscovered problems, so the student should try to predict the results of the research, present the purpose of the investigation, dwell on the relevance of the topic. In the whole one should convince the professor in the success of the topic providing him with numerous pros arguments.

Step Four. Prepare a Literature Review

It does not worth mentioning that any assignment can be written without the use of a few sources: text books, encyclopaedias, scientific journals, etc. One should analyze the problem and collect all the sources which can be useful in the process of the research. Evidently, it takes much time to look through all the variants, but one should do it right, because professors pay attention to the quality of the literature review.

Step Five. Work out the Methodology Section

The most important part of the paper is the methodology chapter. One should think about the most appropriate methods for the research and prove to the professor that their quality and relevance is high. On the basis of the methodology part professor evaluates student's knowledge and critical thinking skills. In the end, proofread and edit the whole text and check it on plagiarism; it will prevent you from the unpleasant situations as today it is quite difficult to prepare a completely original paper yourself.