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How to Write a Good MBA Research Proposal

When you need to prepare a dissertation or any other solid paper for MBA level, you should start from a research proposal. The main idea of this paper is to persuade your professor or academic advisor in the sensibility of your research. You have to construct a good detailed plan of your MBA research paper mentioning what and why you want to investigate. Our effective tips how to write an MBA research proposal will make the process of writing run smoothly.

Step One: Think about the Topic

The primary duty of every student is to choose the right topic for analysis. You ought to understand that you will need to select a narrow topic in order to give a precise answer to your research question. Avoid choosing complex subjects, because you will fail researching them. They require more time and accuracy and there is no any guarantee that you cope with this challenge successfully.

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Step Two: Prepare a Good Introduction

The introductory chapter of a MBA research proposal should embrace a few important points. First, you should mark the purpose of investigation. Secondly, you have to model a sensible hypothesis for your analysis and finally, you will need to evaluate the relevance and usefulness of this topic for self-development and for the good of business and management disciplines. This section should be brief and precise and contain only definite facts. An introduction is also used for attraction of reader’s attention. One can start from a joke, astonishing statistics or thought-provoking statement in order to emphasize the importance of your investigation.

Step Three: Prepare a Literature Review

When you research something, you must rely on wise and authentic ideas of the prominent minds in the field of business, management and finance. You should remember that you would need to use at least five sources if you want your subject to be researched from all sides. Moreover, you would have to pay attention to points of view and concepts of different authors in order to understand the subject better. Students are asked to mention at least 20 scholars who support the definite business and financial theories. You should mention author’s name, his work and its place and year of publication while writing your literature review.

Step Four: Demonstrate Your Methodology

If you want to make your MBA research proposal look well, you should insert a methodology section into your assignment. This important part will show the way of your thinking and the materials and methods that you utilize for successful analysis of the given topic. Try to generate several effective methods that will suit to the subject suggested for the detailed analysis. Try to prepare the best methodology for your research, because this section is a foundation of your whole paper.