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How to Write a Good PhD Research Proposal

When a student is planning to defend his PhD degree, he will need to work hard and complete high quality papers which demonstrate his knowledge and professional skills. Naturally, the difficulty of a PhD research proposal can not be compared with Master’s and a college one, because value of the paper and professor's expectations are higher. A student is supposed to prepare a sensible research proposal which will contain all important sections and present an idea of the paper professionally. Below there are useful PhD research proposal writing guidelines which can make the process of writing more productive.

Step One. Dwell on the Choice of the Topic

A successfully picked topic is a half of success, because if one is interested in the problem under analysis, he will devote enough time to the investigation. Furthermore, one should possess at least certain knowledge about the topic, otherwise, he will waste too much time to get to know about its aspects and major principles. Finally, the topic should be narrow and worthy enough to be suitable for Doctoral degree, because a person who wants to achieve a PhD degree must not research trivial problems.

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Step Two. Define the Area of Research and Complete a Hypothesis

If a student manages to connect his research proposal with his future dissertation, it will be success, because he will be already aware about the literature useful for the analysis and the problems which can occur on the way of research of the very area of discipline. In order to attract the professor's attention, one should resent a reasonable hypothesis which will explain the purpose of the research and the main expectations connected with it. A student should demonstrate all his ambitions, desire and creativity and complete a detailed hypothesis part impressing the professor and convincing him to permit to research this very topic.

Step Three. Collect Information about the Topic

High-quality data is one of the main factors which influence the success of every academic paper, so the student is expected to work out piles of books and periodicals in order to find the right sources for your research. When appropriate literature is chosen, the student should share it with professor in the literature review chapter of proposal. Evidently, a PhD research proposal should be written only with the help of reputed and high-quality sources which are worth attention.

Step Four. Brainstorm Methods for Project

The most valuable and interesting for every professor part of PhD research proposal is a methodology section. On its basis the professor evaluates student's knowledge, ability to analyse things professionally, student's ambitions and creativity. The choice of methods is very important, because if they are picked inappropriately, the quality of research will be poor, as every method can be applied in the particular situation. So, if the methodology of research is successful, the research proposal will probably be approved.

Step Five. Conclude and Proofread Your Proposal

When the main body of your research proposal is completed, a student should summarize the whole paper wisely and share his predictions concerning difficulties which can occur during the process of writing. Finally, one should proofread the paper attentively and correct all slight errors.