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How to Write a University Research Proposal

When a university student wants to prepare a good research paper about the definite problem, he should start from research proposal writing. This paper will demonstrate all objectives of your research project to your teacher and persuade him to accept your topic. If you want to improve your knowledge about writing, you are able to take advantage of our free University research proposal writing tips:

Step One: Generate the Best Topic

You should understand that your success depends on the choice of the topic for analysis. If you take an inappropriate subject, you will not manage to demonstrate your entire knowledge and professionalism. It is wise to choose a narrow topic to be able to research it from all sides. A broad topic is too complicated for analysis, because you will not be able to draw the single firm conclusion.

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Step Two: Conduct Your Initial Research

If you prepare a research project, you should know at least something about your subject. Read books, encyclopedias and scientific periodicals to accumulate valuable up-to-date information about your topic. When you are through with it, you will be able to draw an approximate plan of your further actions, because you already know what you want to research and how you will achieve your expected results.

Step Three: Write Your Outline and Introduction

You ought to plan your research proposal writing accurately in order to keep this process under your attentive control. Insert all sections of your project into the outline. Try to prepare a broad outline in order to have the whole set of points, issues and questions in front of your eyes. The introduction is one of the main sections of your paper, because it clarifies the choice of your topic and describes the whole scheme of your further actions. Brainstorm a sound thesis statement and insert a good hypothesis to make your research paper have the definite idea. Your hypothesis is a heart of your proposal and you are supposed to build your research around it.

Step Four: Prepare Methodology and Literature Review Parts

Every research project has its own idea but one cannot develop his idea without useful and effective methods of research. Enumerate all methods and clarify their choice and usefulness for your analysis. Moreover, you should provide your professor with literary sources connected with your subject. University research proposals require at least ten sources but you are able to choose more.

Step Five: Summarize Your Proposal

The final part of your project should contain a brief summary of your proposal. You should share your expectations about this research with your professor and predict your results and possible achievements.