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How to Write a Good Term Paper in MLA

When a student, who is studying languages and literature and other similar subjects, is asked to prepare a logical and well-formatted term paper, he is supposed to organize an assignment in MLA style. Modern Language Association has designed a special format for academic papers on arts, so a student has to follow this requirement preparing a well-structured paper which can be accepted by professor. In order to see the requirements of MLA style, one can look through easy writing guidelines:

Step One: Focus on Front Page

The front page is a "face" of student’s term paper, so one should pay much attention to complete it according to all rules. First of all it is important choose the right font - it will be Times New Roman of 12 size; the lines have to see double-spaced to make a title and information about the student more visible. The left upper side of the page will represent information about student and his field of study. But first of all it is important to write student’s last name and the number of pages on the upper right part of the sheet and this setting should be continued on every following page. So, on the left of the page one has to write his first and last names; below the name and academic degree of the teacher; below the field of study and finally the date. The title of a term paper in MLA style is written in the middle of the page in the centre of the sheet in capital letters.

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Step Two: Format Term Paper Correctly

The term paper can not be written chaotically, because every page has to be organized according to the definite principles. MLA is characterized with the creation of 1” margins on all sides of sheet; 12 size Time New Roman font and appropriate settings of new paragraph, which should be equal to five spaces or one Tab. This can be done automatically in the options of settings of the paragraph in the student’s word processor.

Step Three: Dwell on Structure

The composition of term papers prepared in MLA format is quite regular and logical, starting from the abstract and introduction sections, the main body of term paper with its arguments and evidence and finishing with summaries and bibliography chapters which show the amount of books and periodicals used for investigation.

Step Four: Pay Attention to Citation

While writing a term paper a student must not forget about citing the quotes of professional authors who have made profound research on the topic under analysis. A student should remember that every idea has to be cited properly according to MLA format peculiarities. The rules are quite easy - one has to write down the name of author and the page, where quotation can be found. It is important to omit commas between the name and the page number.

Step Five: Complete List Works Cited

It is important to organize all the sources into the right and logical way, so one has to arrange the books and journals in the alphabetic way writing last and first names of the author, the title of source, publishing house and book publication year.