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How to Write Good Art Papers

An art paper is a very specific assignment and it has its own peculiarities of writing. Students need to learn to describe images with words. They have to learn how to build their scientific texts and how to present their thoughts in the clearest way. If you require additional piece of advice with writing, you are able to pay attention to our original and well-structured art paper writing tips.

Step One: Choose a Good Topic for Analysis

If you want to impress your teacher, you will need to generate the best topic for analysis. Most often, students have to describe an artwork from different sides. Then, there are topics about history of art and various techniques of art. These topics require different research approach. If you need to prepare a successful description of an artwork, you should plan this process professionally. Generate a few ideas and concepts before writing to define what you want to achieve and then you are ready to collect information about your subject.

Step Two: Research Your Topic and Collect Facts

You will need to accumulate enough facts and arguments if you want to prepare a sound art paper. You will have to read textbooks and monographs about art to learn something new about the artwork under research. Moreover, you will improve your knowledge about the possible directions of research. When you read something, make notes accurately to record every essential thought. Next, you need to plan the proper style of writing. Art papers are based on descriptions, so you have to use a great number of descriptive adjectives. Use synonyms and stylistic devices to express your opinion about the artwork.

Step Three: Write a Good Outline

It is important to prepare a detailed outline if you want to prepare a well-structured and original art paper. You should write all points and subtopics one-by-one and then follow your plan in order to complete a logical and informative text.

Step Four: Write Your First Draft

Compose a good introduction in order to illustrate the main idea of your research, its major problem and aim. Moreover, you should write about your methods that will help you achieve your expected results. Next, write a few paragraphs of the main body. Here you should analyze your artwork in detail. Pay attention to the use of lines, coloration, light, space, style and composition. It is useful to provide readers with the context of your artwork. Inform them about its author, place and date of creation. Conclude your art paper professionally evaluating the artwork objectively. Moreover, you will need to provide your teacher with profound bibliography and appendices sections.