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How to Write a Critical Thinking Paper

A critical thinking paper is the assignment which is aimed at the training of the student’s ability to analyze various issues properly and to evaluate problems objectively. Obviously, students find the assignment difficult, because they possess little experience and knowledge about the matter under analysis. If one wants to learn how to do a critical thinking paper appropriately, he is able to apply for the advice of an expert.

Step One: Choose the Right Topic

The student should select the proper topic if he wants to succeed in writing the paper. Most often critical thinking papers are connected with the critical evaluation of the book, movie, picture, event, personality, etc and the student is expected to reveal the problem from all sides and share his impressions about the problem in the objective way. The topic should be close and interesting for the student in order to make him focus on the research and detailed analysis of the issue.

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Step Two: Prepare a Thesis and Outline

A good critical thinking paper will need to possess the core which would express the main idea of the research. The centre of every paper is a thesis statement which illustrates the problem of the investigation and demonstrates what the student is going to research. A thesis statement should be no longer than one sentence and dwell directly on the main problem and its theme. After that the young professional will need to construct a detailed and logical outline which will help to organize the process of writing and improve the quality of the research process. the student will have to insert all the important sections of the paper and write down the problems and points which he is going to observe.

Step Three: Create Arguments and Complete the Introduction

If one wants to make a critical thinking paper, he should collect enough arguments and trustworthy facts which will support the student’s idea and serve as the evidence of the research conducted by the young person. The student should prepare a good introduction which will make the reader interested in the text and informs the reader about the problem and its relevance and importance.

Step Four: Prepare the Body and Conclusion

The body of the critical thinking paper will need to include the arguments and student’s thoughts about the problem under analysis and he should organize the text in the logical order – devoting a new paragraph to every new argument in order to make the text easier for reading. When the main part of the paper is written, one should conclude the whole research and mention the key arguments and evaluate the relevance of the problem and the difficulties of its objective analysis.