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How to Write a Good Personal Statement

How to please an admission committee? If this question sounds pretty often during the last two days in your head, then probably you are one of those who are applying to college, school or any other educational institution. Actually how to write a good personal statement and make the committee to note you as a good students – answers on this questions you will find in this article. If you are starting to write a personal statement, then you are a lucky one finding this website! The most helpful personal statement writing tips are presented below in a form of step by step guide.

Step One: Introduction

Admission committee consists of people just like you, and just like everybody they do not appreciate a boring introductions. Personal statement – is your chance to show yourself and depending on how good you will do this the committee can define whether you fit or not for this school. Then why don’t you start proving that at your personal statement introduction. It should be something unusual or even shocking, do everything to grab their attention! You can find hundreds of ideas for your introduction. Your previous life experience can help a lot – as far as you talk about yourself, you are free to start with a short story from your life. It can be something funny or serious life experience that has changed your life.

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Step Two: Requirements

Pay attention that every educational institutions has it’s own requirement for writing a personal statement. Read them twice and remember that sometimes your paper can even be rejected because of wrong formatting. Concentrate on the required length and page options.

Step Three: The main question

Every applicant asks himself “What should I write about in my personal statement?”. It is not an essay with a defined topic so many students have some troubles when thinking about things to present in their papers. Unfortunately they are not listed in requirements. When writing a personal statement tell about your life goals, hobbies, experience and character. The committee should have a full imagination of your person. Probably the most important question that you need to answer for – is why do you think you are the best applicant? Tell in your paper why do you fit this school better then others. Also you are free to tell your expectations from education at this institution.

Step Four: Examples

Writing a personal statement avoid from doing your paper just a mechanical summarizing of facts about yourself. Support your words with some interesting life examples and experience. Sometimes you can write in conversational style and discuss the global problems that you are worried with. Personal statement essay – is a paper that does not have strict requirements. You are the creator and you are free to write about everything you think can be interesting to the committee. Avoid telling lie and you will definitely reach a success!

We hope our writing tips for a good personal statement will help you to enter the institution of your dream. We make the process of writing papers simple and understandable for every student by providing quality personal statement help for free!