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How to Write a Good Annotated Bibliography

There are numerous academic papers that require a good annotated bibliography to be written. For example writing a thesis, dissertation or a term paper students should write a good annotated bibliography. Very often we do not pay enough attention to this part thinking that it is just a formal nuances. After doing the main part, body section and research work students usually do not have energy for completing their papers with a quality annotated bibliography. Today we are going to discuss and tell our readers how to write a good annotated bibliography in a few simple steps. Our writing tips and guidelines how to write an annotated bibliography will assist you in creating a good annotated bibliography.

Step One: Start early

Many students think that they should start to write an annotated bibliography after completing the basic part of the paper. We want to concentrate your attention that it is much better to care about annotated bibliography at the research step. When you do your research work – note every book, article and other sources you use for writing your paper. Take a special sheet of paper where you will cite every source.

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Step Two: Summarize

Annotated bibliography requires not just a simple summarizing of sources, you also should give a short annotation to this source. Under each name of the source write your personal impression about this writing and tell what was it about. Do not create annotations too lengthy, use just a few sentences to describe each source.

Step Three: Was it useful?

Students always forget about this important step. Annotated bibliography writing under each source you should say if it was useful or not for you. We would not advice you to criticize the source as it shows that your paper was written using low-quality books and articles. If it was useful – tell the readers where they can find a material from this source in your writing. Tell how it has helped you and what section was written with it’s help.

Step Four: Draft

It is always a good idea to make a draft. Try to cite every source in your draft. Write everything just as you think should be in your final paper. Read it twice and check for grammar and style mistakes. Ask someone to read it, they can find additional mistakes.

Annotated bibliography usually takes several pages and should not cause any troubles if you were following our writing tips. Remember to cite exceptionally that sources that were used for creating your paper (not just those you think were really useful). Follow our annotated biliography writing guidelines and always start your work as early as possible.