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How to Write a Good Biography

Sometimes students need to prepare a biography of a famous personality. Naturally, this job is quite difficult and requires professional approach. One should understand that different personalities should be described in the different way. For example, one will not write about the life of a poet or a scientist in the same way. If you want to get to know how to do a biography effectively, you are able to take advantage of our original writing guidelines.

Step One: Write about Birth, Childhood and Education

The first part of everyone’s biography is his birth and childhood. You should write about the family of your personality. Mention his parents, their background, occupation and lifestyle. You can write about the place of living and relations in a family. Then, it is wise to focus on childhood. Write how your personality communicated with other children and with his parents. It is smart to say something about bringing up and the role of a family in his development. You ought to write about his education. Mention all stages of education. It is interesting to mention his progress and failure for your personal knowledge. When you see that such a famous scientist was bad at psychics at school, you can make a conclusion that everything can change unexpectedly in your own life. Next, say a few words about higher education and its influence on your personality. There are always two options: one is inspired by his teachers and one is discouraged by them.

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Step Two: Mention Important Events

It is impossible to analyze one’s life without the detailed explanation of crucial moments and turning points that influenced one’s lifestyle, art, career and activity. Years ago, people lived in dangerous environment and could die of a disease, war and other factors. One should mention historical background of one’s life and describe the society of that time. Moreover, it is smart to mention important figures that could inspire your personality and his activity and worldview.

Step Three: Insert Contributions of Your Personality

Now you need to write about the actual importance of your personality for his field of activity. If you write about a poet, write about his contribution to poetry; when you write about a politician, mention his influence on the policy of his state. Undoubtedly, every personality is a common human being who has its strong and weak sides. Consequently, you can present weak sides and juicy details of his life. It will help one look at a famous figure through different eyes.

Step Four: Write about Death

Finally, you need to write about the last years of life and evaluate the influence of your personality on human society and the relevance of his contributions in our times.