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How to Write a Good Book Review

A good book review is much like a book report, but in case of our today’s paper students need to give an answer for the main question: “Would I recommend this book to read or not?”. Writing a good book review students forget about such an important nuance and even if the paper is written great, this can strongly influence your grade. After reading this article you will understand the main purpose and the meaning of a book review. Our good book review writing tips will assists you in creating a paper for an A+. Follow the guidelines how to write a good book review essay now:

Step One: Reading a book

Very often students want to save a lot of time and instead of reading the whole book they prefer to read some critical reviews written on the same book by other authors. Actually, it is very useful but this step should be just a supporting one. Remember one thing – if you want to do a good book review you will have to write the whole book. Moreover just like in case of a book report we would recommend you to take careful notes while reading. In case of writing a book review consider on your own feelings and impressions and write them down to your notes.

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Step Two: Description

Do not wait for too long before starting to write as far as it is very important to have a fresh feelings and memories. Writing a book review do not give away too much information – you can just discourage reading a book if a reader will know every nuance of the book. You need to present just a brief description and give an answer to “what this book is about?”, “why people may want to read it and why it would be useful for them?”. Do not afraid to write negative things about a book you read – you are free to write your personal view as far as you are an author. Write a book review the way so reader would make a decision for himself, tell if you would recommend or not this book and why.

Step Three: Examples and comparison

Ask yourself what kind of reviews do you prefer to read. When reading about a new film – do you like when author write in a boring and too formal style? So make your paper not just a common book review but add something new. Make your fantasy to work. Compare the book you read with another author’s writings or with other writers in this field. Add some examples to support your points – this will give your reader an understanding of the style the book is written with.

Step Four: Conclusion

In the final part of your paper you should highlight some important things. Tell your opinion for whom this book is written for and who may want to read it. How good this book in comparison with other author’s books and why? Would you like to read it once more? If you will give a respond for all these questions in a stylish form – you can be sure that your book review will be rated for an A+!

Follow our writing tips and have fun writing a book review, because this is one of those writing where you are free to write your personal point of view and present it to your classmates, friends and other people. Our book review guidelines will provide each student with professional book review writing help to get the best grade in your class!