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How to Write a Good Capstone Project

A capstone project can be called the most serious step in the educational process for students who are trying to survive the undergraduate course. After the several years of studying students possess enough knowledge to introduce something new into the discipline and build their academic career. The aim of a capstone project is to give students the chance to demonstrate their accumulated knowledge in a smart project, which can be a valuable contribution into a certain topic or even the whole discipline. It is obvious that writing a capstone project looks like a challenge and students can take advantage of the professional capstone project writing guidelines below:

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Step One. Get to Know about the Project

Before signing to the capstone class students should learn about the writing requirements as much as possible, otherwise they will not succeed in the process of writing. It is important to talk to the advisor and learn about the expectations form the capstone project (format, length, deadline, etc). Remember that a good capstone project has the limits in the volume: from 15 to 30 pages but the other requirements (department, college and commission) should be learnt at the principle of the department you are studying at.

Step Two. Choose a Good Topic

In order to succeed in the process of writing one will need to research the best topic which can be approved for the project. Moreover, one should focus on the problem he is good at; otherwise it will be impossible to complete the paper properly. Furthermore, the better you know the topic, the less time you will need to cope with it and the less time you will require to collect enough data for the investigation.

Step Three. Research the Topic

Generally, the capstone course lasts for a semester or two, so students have enough time to research the topic profoundly. A student should collect trustworthy up-to-date information and analyze it seriously relying on the acquired knowledge and writing experience. In order to succeed in the project writing one should brainstorm a brand new idea which can contribute into the development of the discipline. Evidently, in order to create something new one will have to work out vast amounts of materials and on their basis prepare the paper.

Step Three. Organize and Proofread the Paper

Having worked out the problem one will need to organize the information logically. A student should create a strict structure which presents the facts logically and every new subtopic is connected with the previous one in the logical order. Introduce citations, follow to the requirements of the format, mention the literature review chapter and finally, proofread the project attentively and correct the detected errors.