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How to Write a Good Research Proposal

Writing a research paper it is reasonable to pay a lot of attention on preparing your proposal. In order to be approved for a future work and get closer to a degree make some efforts now. A lot of students do not know how to write a good research proposal and think that it is close to a research paper itself. Writing a research proposal is much easier than you think and moreover it does not require from you any research results. If you want to learn how to create a good research proposal - read this article. Here you will find the most effective writing tips and guidelines and we guarantee you that after reading you will find writing this paper a simple task. Here is what you should do in order to reach the success.

Step One: Brainstorm a title

Writing a paper is a lot like creating a product for sale. In order to reach good sales your product should have an attractive name (interesting title) and it should be designed well (well structured paper). On this step you will brainstorm a good title that would catch the readers’ minds and intrigue. People (as well as your committee) like unusual products, so do not write a common and boring titles - find unusual words to deliver the idea of your paper.

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Step Two: Do an abstract

This section is not that important but since, do not forget to include it to your writing. Abstract is just a short summary of facts, that usually present the research question, its actuality and methods. Do not waste too much time on it - it should be one page length or even shorter section.

Step Three: Introduction

A well-written introduction is a half of your work! First of all you should realize that introduction section is just a brief demonstration of your future work. Use all your creativeness to impress the readers. Catch their minds and intrigue with questions that are pretty hard to answer - make them want to read more of your work. Let them think that you are really good in this topic even if your research has just started. Restate the purpose and the main goal of your project and do not afraid to be optimistic about your future results - professors and other members of the committee like ambitious students.

Step Four: Hypothesis and methods

These are two sections that also require your attention. Do not afraid to state a hypothesis - your committee understands that this is just a proposal and your actual project hypothesis can vary. Ask your advisor to consult you about the methods that can be used for your research. You will have to explain the benefits of your methods and research.

Step Five: Literature review

Good sources cited in literature review or bibliography section will give you a good benefit. Your committee members should know that you worked out numerous books and know your topic just great.

We recommend you to start writing a research proposal for your Master’s, Undergraduate or PhD degree as soon as possible. The deadline comes much faster than we usually expect, so start your work now! Use our writing tips and do not forget to take brakes while writing!