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How to Write a Good Case Study

Case study is a paper that presents a deep analysis of a certain unit and give the reader some possible ways of solving an issue. Students can face with type of papers in social sciences really often. There are two groups of case studies: descriptive and explanatory. Nowadays you can face with numerous new types of this writing such as illustrative, critical instance, cumulative, narrative case studies. It goes without saying that it is pretty difficult to create a good case study writing guide that would suits for each type. But today we are going to try and gather some general writing tips for case study on any topic.

Step One: Define the main problem

Sometimes when students are assigned a topic they are not able to identify the main problem of a subject. Whatever you write about – famous person, historical event, political troubles – every topic has the main and second-plan issues. In order to write a good case study you need to practice and define the main problem without any difficulties. If you write about a well-known case – you can read some other case studies or articles associated with this topic in a news paper or Internet.

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Step Two: Gathering an information

Just after you got your topic and defined a problem you will work on – start gathering an information. Nowadays there are a lot of different source that you are free to use for writing a case study. Use books, news papers, magazines, Internet and any other sources you are able to find. The more you find – the deeper analysis you will be able to perform. For example, it would be really nice if writing about a case that happened about ten years ago you will be able to find a news paper of that time with an article on your topic. Providing a reader with a social attitude of that time you make your paper much more interesting for reading!

Step Three: Cause and effect

A good case study essay always go with cause and effect analysis. When you have enough of information and understanding of an issue you can make a cause and effect analysis. Brainstorm about what could cause this problem and why? Provide your reader with your personal point and points of other authors and sources. Give a reader a good background. Than show the effect of conflict and explain how did it affect on future.

Step Four: Additional support

In order to make a paper more persuasive, students can use some additional supporting things. For example, you can find a statistic data and present it in a form of diagram or find some photos and include it to your case study writing. Or just find a similar situation in history and tell what ways of solution were found and what was the effect. Present your own thought and ways of solution for certain issue. When writing a case study do not forget that first of all it is a research method but not a fiction, so use a proper language style and avoid giving away too much personal feelings.

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