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How to Write a Good Article Review

College and university students should read articles for their professional knowledge. Moreover, they are often asked to review articles and share their point of view about their content. Undoubtedly, nearly every student has troubles with article review writing, because this assignment requires patience, curiosity and enthusiasm. If you want to get to know how to write a good article review, you are welcome to read our writing guidelines below.

Step One: Provide Readers with Basic Facts

Firstly, you ought to inform readers about the type of an article, its title, author, place and date of publication. You ought to define its connection to the definite field of study and present its relevance and its main idea. You should persuade readers in the truthfulness of your words; therefore, try to be objective and write up-to-date and reliable facts. You can say a few words about the author and his achievements in academic world and mention about the chosen article in his scientific heritage. Finally, you can define the importance of this article for the discipline and for the author’s prestige among other scholars.

Step Two: Say a Few Words about Methodology

Every article is a coherent and balanced academic paper. Every article has its idea, purpose and methods of research. You should provide readers with the information about the methods that have been utilized by the author in the chosen article. You are able to describe advantages and disadvantages of every method and support your opinion with the solid arguments. Say whether the chosen method is able to answer the main research question and whether the author can achieve his goal with the help of the selected methodology.

Step Three: Analyze Findings Objectively

Your duty is to analyze an article and present its findings to a reader. When you have analyzed the research in detail, you are able to show the achievements of the author. You can observe all results separately and divide them into categories from the least to the most important ones.

Step Four: Analyze the Structure

A good article review should touch upon every element of an article. It is not enough to analyze the content of a scientific text. You should also pay attention to the composition and style of the article under research. You are able to evaluate the author’s manner of writing and his ability to present complicated terms in simple words. Say a few words about the style and logic of writing. Describe the connection of different parts of your article into the single coherent text.

Step Five: Summarize the Review

The final part of an article review should focus on the objective evaluation of the relevance and importance of the chosen article and its findings for the academic world.