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How to Write Good English Papers

High school and college students are asked to prepare an English paper regularly. If you study language and literature, you should learn how to write your assignments in the proper way. You are able to read our free English paper writing tips if you want to improve your knowledge about professional academic writing.

Step One: Choose a Good Topic and Collect Information

The most important duty of every student is to choose a favorable topic for analysis. If you have generated an interesting subject for research, you will devote enough time to the process of writing and you will try to investigate your problem from all sides. English papers are connected with literature, so you are able to create an interesting topic that provides you with enough space for suggestion. Then, you should read your source material in order to understand the background of your future research. For example, you should read a poem, a short story or a novel chosen for analysis. Try to be attentive and make notes scrupulously.

Step Two: Collect Useful Quotes

It is impossible to prepare an English paper without any helpful sources. It is reasonable to take advantage of numerous critiques of different authors who have investigated your source material before. You should find articles and critiques and write down as many quotes as possible. Try to choose the most captive ones that reflect the author’s opinion about your novel or poem in brief. It is wise to rely on several authors in order to increase the objectiveness of your research.

Step Three: Create a Good Thesis Statement

Every English paper requires the definite aim of research. You should construct a good thesis statement that would reflect the main idea of writing. This sentence should be organized professionally, because it plays the role of a hypothesis for your assignment. A teacher will look at your thesis statement and understand what you want to achieve. Make sure that all your main points and your research approach fit to your thesis statement, because it will be a failure if you research something that differs from the information included into your thesis.

Step Four: Prepare a Successful Outline

If you want to complete a logical English paper, you should plan it adequately. Write down all important parts of your assignment and introduce the major research questions and points suggested for analysis. Be careful to compose a precise outline that would reflect a logical organization of your paper and sobriety of your mind.

Step Five: Write Your Paper

When you have planned the process of writing, you are able to prepare your English paper effectively. You need to follow your outline and create an introduction, the main body with its arguments and quotes, a good conclusion and a bibliography section. Improve your narration and use as many stylistic devices as you can in order to improve the general view of your paper.