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How to Write Good History Papers

When a student has history as his major subject, he will need to write essays, case studies and research papers on various historical issues. Obviously, many students do not know how to write a good history paper correctly, so they can read free writing guidelines that can help them organize their assignment better.

Step One: Generate a Proper Topic and Research It

The success of your assignment depends on your ability to compose the right topic for analysis. You should choose an interesting problem, because you will work it out eagerly. Moreover, an interesting topic will be appreciated by your teacher. When you are through with the choice of your problem, think about your expectations and plans. State what you want to research and what you expect to achieve. When you write a history paper, you should remember about many factors. First, every history paper should be written in the past tense. You must not evaluate historical events from your own point of view. You need to be objective and precise. Moreover, you need to write your paper chronologically, because human history is a complex of chronological events. You should analyze historical figures objectively and evaluate their life and activity appropriately.

Step Two: Create a Plan and Collect Information

You ought to prepare a solid outline of your research before you start writing. You need to mention your research questions and points that you want to investigate in your history paper. We recommend preparing a detailed outline, because it will be easier to organize your work consistently. Then, you should accumulate facts and arguments about your problem. It is reasonable to take advantage of up-to-date textbooks, monographs, periodicals and online articles about historical events. If you want to inform your readers about something, be careful to provide them with the reliable information.

Step Three: Compose an Introduction with a Thesis Statement

Every history paper should start with a successful introduction. This section explains the main problem and idea of your investigation. A thesis statement is a sentence that reflects the aim of your research in simple words. You should also present your methodology and materials used for exploration.

Step Four: Develop and Conclude Your Paper

Now, you need to prepare the main body of your history paper. You will show the background of the historical event, observe its participants, important historical figures and their influence on it. You should try to write chronologically. Mention the beginning of your event, describe its development and present its consequences. You ought to be objective and analyze your problem accurately. Finally, you ought to conclude your assignment and demonstrate your achievements and bibliography to your teacher.