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How to Write a College Case Study

A case study is a typical method of research at every college and it is often an integral part of big research papers and dissertations. When one wants to prepare a successful research paper, he will need to broaden his methodology with the help of a case study method that requires original and special approach. When one does not know how to write a college case study correctly, he is able to use our writing guidelines that will surely improve the quality of his paper.

Step One: Prepare an Outline

The initial step in the process of writing is the composition of an effective outline. You will need to plan your process of writing scrupulously in order to mark every key point of research and to build your case study logically. Naturally, you should write down all sections of your paper in the logical order, write down all subtopics, methods and procedures in order to possess a good guide for writing near at hand.

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Step Two: Brainstorm a Good Title and Write an Introduction

When you want to attract reader’s attention, you are supposed to brainstorm an effective title of our case study. This title should be brief and precise to catch reader’s attention at once. After that, you will need to generate a sound introduction that will inform readers about the main problem of your case study, its key points, research questions, thesis statement, etc. It is wise to make an introduction page carefully in order to insert everything essential that can be interesting to your reader.

Step Three: Explore Your Problem

Now you are ready to research the topic of your case study. Your first task is to define the problem, learn about its background and think about its cause. Evidently, it is not easy to collect enough facts and arguments that will illustrate the actual cause of the problem and you should be enough objective and critical to solve this puzzle and find all answers to your questions. Next, you should evaluate the effect of this problem on the personality, phenomenon, event, object, etc. (depending on the type and topic of your case study). Finally, you will need to see how this problem has been solved in the reality in order to possess the entire image of the whole case.

Step Four: Solve the Problem Yourself and Evaluate the Case

Students should apply general-to-specific-to-general approach if they want to analyze their case well and solve the existing problem effectively. Everyone is expected to solve his case in the alternative way and describe what materials and methods he has utilized for it. Finally, one should enumerate benefits of the case study and say whether it is useful for his professional knowledge.