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How to Write a Master's Case Study

A Master's case study is a complicated assignment which requires responsibility, patience and industriousness. A case study for the Master's degree differs from the other assignments, because it requires more attention and efforts. Of course, students are not experiences enough to prepare a perfect case study themselves, so it is a good chance for them to borrow the piece of advice from the professional Master's case study writing tips written by the experts.

Step One: Think about the Topic

The best way to succeed in writing is to understand the topic and the main problem suggested for the research well. While reading the topic one should plan the process of writing, the possible variants of the research and development of the analysis. The student should evaluate the relevance of the problem, the purpose of the research, the possible research approach, the choice of the methods of the research and literature.

Step Two: Collect Enough Information

Without the trustworthy facts and evidence it is impossible to prepare a quality paper on time. The student should dwell on the reliable sources which can be helpful in the seeking of the helpful arguments and facts which can make the case study for the Master's degree professional. It is possible to use textbooks, scientific periodicals, encyclopaedias and critical articles in the Internet composed by the experts in their sphere. The data can be used as the support of the student's point of view and evidence of the situation of the problem in the case.

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Step Three: Discuss the Cause and Effect of the Problem

Every case has a certain problem for the research and the student is supposed to learn about the roots and reasons of the problem and then evaluate its effect. The consequences should be evaluated objectively and the gained information should be strictly noted for the further analysis, because the quality of the research depends on the quality of the facts and if there are not enough trustworthy facts, the research of the case can not be called valid and objective one.

Step Four: Solve the Problem

It is not enough to analyze the facts about the case, but the student should try to show his knowledge and professional skills to the professor and solve the problem in the alternative way, different from the one mentioned in the case. In order to make the case study more solid and professional, the student is asked to add the appendix with the additional materials about the case: tables, statistic materials, graphs, the registered interviews, etc. Finally, the case study should be summarized in the right way which suits to the student who is defending his Master's degree.