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How to Write a PhD Personal Statement

Every student who wants to build a successful academic career is expected to defend his PhD degree. If one has decided to apply for the doctoral degree, he is asked to prepare an effective PhD personal statement which would illustrate the student's personality from all sides. The admission commission is supposed to make a reasonable and fair decision on the basis of personal statement, so a student has to attract the experts' attention in order to increase his chances to be accepted for studying for PhD academic degree. The role of this assignment is extremely important for student's fate, so professional PhD personal statement writing tips will be quite useful for everyone.

Step One: Complete an Effective Introduction

The initial duty of a student is to prepare a brief but captive introductory part which would describe his intentions concerning studying for the doctoral degree. The student should dwell on the motives, the strong sides of the university chosen for the educational process and the expected results of the process of studying.

Step Two: Write about Academic Achievements

Every applicant who wants to defend PhD degree in future should persuade the commission that he possesses enough knowledge and well-developed skills which would be effective for the process of studying. It is smart to mention about the previous achievements, participations in the competitions, various important projects, grants, etc. If one has many rewards for all sort of activity, he can be treated like a favourable applicant at once.

Step Three: Focus on Life Experience

Naturally, many smart people do not have any rewards at high school and previous years at the university, but they still remain brilliant and hardworking. The applicant is able to demonstrate his preferences, non-academic activity, which can be helpful in the process of studying for PhD degree. For example, it is possible to write about the traits of character and personal strong sides which can be helpful and useful for mastering the chosen course in university.

Step Four: Prepare Presentation of Your Ambitions and Conclude the Paper

It is obvious that the student applies for PhD degree with the certain definite aim. The university offers the special course for the student and helps him to reveal his hidden skills and develop the new ones in the process of hard work and education. The young professional is supposed to prove that he is worth the highest academic degrees and that his project can be quite useful for humanity and for him in particular. If the student manages to prepare a logical and strict paper which contains definite aims and requirements for the process of studying, he will surely be accepted.