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How to Write a University Personal Statement

When you plan to enter a good university after finishing school, you will need to attract attention of the admission commission to your personality with the help of a well-organized personal statement. This written paper is supposed to inform the university’s authorities about your academic progress, your strong and weak sides, your ambitions concerning your future career, etc. Of course, students require additional piece of advice with writing, so you are able to read university personal statement writing tips below and learn how to cope with this assignment better.

Step One: Get to Know about University’s Requirements

It is natural, that every university carries out selective policy towards its applicants and chooses only the best young people who will study within its walls. You should join the university’s website and read about its structure, teaching staff, faculties, facilities and other important information that will be useful during your process of application. Moreover, you ought to evaluate your skills, potential and ability of studying at the chosen institution. If your progress is insufficient, you might not enter a prestigious university that selects the worthiest students into its crew.

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Step Two: Think about Benefits

Every applicant who is looking for an opportunity of studying at a good university should have a definite aim in his mind. He ought to know why he enters this university and what he wants to achieve. The commission will be pleased to discover that you know about the university’s benefits, facilities and staff. You should clarify what you will achieve after finishing this university, what you will learn and how it will influence your future academic or business career. In simple words, you should illustrate what advantages of studying you see and how you will use them for self-development.

Step Three: Write about Your Strong Sides

You should understand that it is unwise to invent something about yourself, so try to be objective and write only truthful facts about yourself. First, you should write a few words about your previous educational progress, mention your average scores and point at your favorite disciplines. After that, say something about your personal qualities, like patience, industriousness or curiosity and show how they help you in educational process. Finally, you can mention one or two weak sides of your own in order to demonstrate that you are a human being with its advantages and weaknesses.

Step Four: Be Accurate and Formal

A university personal statement is not a joke; consequently, you must not prepare an informal text, because it will not be accepted. You should keep to the style, write plainly, logically and precisely in order to make your personal statement look clearly and professionally. The commission will appreciate that you have treated this assignment with responsibility and seriousness.