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How to Write a Research Paper in APA Style

The student is able to demonstrate his knowledge about the chosen topic preparing a detailed and informative research paper. If one is involved into social studies and psychological issues, he will be asked to complete the assignment in APA style as the American Psychological Association requires organizing papers according to its special format which can make the text look better and differ from other fields of study due to the original approach. It is easy to succeed in writing a research paper in APA format following the tips managed by the professionals.

Step One: Format the Paper Well

It does not worth mentioning that one has to apply the right settings before writing the text of the research paper. One should set the appropriate size of the font, chose the most suitable font and organize the page in the neat way. So, the student should set up 1” margins from the up, down, left and right parts of the sheet; choose New Times Roman font with the size no less than 12 and carry out writing the text in the double-spaced way. Then, one is expected to place the number of every page in the right manner. Generally, APA format is characterized with the creation of headers on the top of every sheet and the left part of the header contains the capitalized title of the research paper and the right part – the number of the page. Every following sheet has to be prepared in this way.

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Step Two: Create a Neat Front Page

The front page of a research paper in APA should be organized in quite a simple but still informative way. The student writes the title of the research paper in capitals; below presents his first and last name and finally writes down the name of the educational institution. In comparison with other formats – one does not have to mention the coordinator’s or teacher’s name and academic degree and the date of the research.

Step Three: Prepare the Main Parts in the Logical Way

The composition of a research paper should contain all the essential chapters starting from the abstract, which presents the problem and relevance of the research; the introduction which makes the reader acquainted with the student’s expectations on writing, the difficulty of the topic and the methodology of writing; the method section reveals the detailed application of the methods and techniques of the research and analysis of the issue from all possible sides; the results part illustrates the student’s achievements after the investigation; discussion is the summary of the paper which reveals the relevance and usefulness of the research saying whether the student has achieved all the expected results.

Step Four: Cite the Sources Correctly

It is very important to cite the sources used for writing; otherwise one can be accused of plagiarism. Furthermore, the student has to cite the books and periodicals in the right way. First of all there is the author’s last name, the year of publication and the page.

Step Five: Arrange the Reference and Appendices Sections

When the research paper is written, it is important to provide the teacher with the list of the sources used for research and the additional information, like graphs, tables and diagrams which can make the investigation more serious and precise.