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How to Write a Research Paper in MLA Style

The student who has to complete a research paper on the topic related with literature and language is obliged to prepare the assignment in MLA format. Modern Language Association has the single style of preparation of a research paper in order to make the assignment suit to the general requirements of this field of study. Moreover, the single style and manner of waiting makes the research of different scholars easy for cooperation. The student can find the tips for writing a research paper in MLA format following the advice provided by the experts.

Step One: Set the Main Options of the Format

When the student has collected information about the topic he has selected for the research and what issues to choose for the analysis, he has to prepare the sheet of his word processor for the work. The student has to manage the margins on 1” on all sides of the sheet, choose the appropriate font for writing, which is mainly Times New Roman with the size of 12. The upper right corner of the page should be devoted for the header. The header should include the student’s last name and the number of the page. Every following page is supposed to follow this setting. The new paragraphs are supposed to be made by Tab or five spaces.

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Step Two: Complete the Right Front Page

It is very important to focus on the right organization of the front page, because it makes the first impression to the teacher about the student’s professionalism and ability of logical writing. The upper left side of the sheet should be devoted to the information about the student. So, one should write his first and last names; the teacher’s name and his academic degree; the field of studies and the date of writing. Below, in the middle of the page one should install the title of the research paper in capital letters.

Step Three: Prepare All the Main Chapters of the Paper

The research paper has to consist of several major parts which make it informative and logical. First of all it is the abstract, which introduces the topic to the reader; then, there is the introduction, where the student shares his expectations on writing and proves that the problem is a relevant one; the methodology section enumerates and clarifies the application of different methods for the research; the discussion chapter summarizes the student’s achievement on the research; the reference part demonstrates the literature used for writing and the appendices provides the teacher with the additional helpful materials about the investigation. The order of the sections of the research paper in MLA style can not be broken.

Step Four: Complete the Right Citation of the Used Works

When the student uses additional sources for writing and the quotations of the well-educated scholars, he should cite their words scrupulously. The citation in MLA research papers is quite simple – one writes the last names of the writer and inserts the page where the quote can be found. In the end, one should prepare the appropriate list works cited arranging every source alphabetically in the following way – the author’s last name, the title in italics, the place and the year of publication.