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How to Write a High School Book Report

A book report is a difficult assignment for high school students, because it requires attention and the ability of the well-developed analytical skills. The student is expected to possess the qualities a little bit of a critic in order to fulfill the assignment successfully. Obviously, the student can not complete a quality book report without the advice of the professional, so below one can take advantage of the well-designed high school book report writing tips which will be by all means useful for every inexperienced student.

Step One. Read the Book Attentively

The primary job for every student is to read the book scrupulously and pay attention to the slightest details related with the description of the events, characters, weather, places, emotions, etc. A high school book report is supposed to teach students focus on the descriptions in the text and treat them appropriately. The student must remember that the details are important for the understanding of the problem and theme of the text and one can not interpret the text without the knowledge about these slight moments.

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Step Two. Take Notes while Reading

The high school student should understand that one can not catch the whole information from the text only with the help of simple reading. One is expected to take notes in order to register and remember every detail and every description. Scrupulous notes while reading will do more than half of the student's job, because the task of the young professional is to observe the text and find its valuable parts and evaluate the book.

Step Three. Learn about the Writer

The author of the book is the important part of the book report, because one can not read the book without the idea about its creator. High school requirements are not strict and require simply the name of the writer and a few facts about his origin and life.

Step Four. Write the Introduction

The introductory part of the book report is a brief piece of text which is supposed to inform the audience about the book, its genre, style of writing, the analysis of the cover, presentation of the author, etc.

Step Five. Analyze the Characters and the Plot

It is quite natural that high school students are not asked to prepare the deep psychological portraits of the main characters, but they still have to analyze the appearance, emotions, behaviour, role in the text, positive and negative sides of the student. In addition, one should dwell on the important events, places and episodes which are worth attention. The book report is not a long paper, so the information must be brief and catchy, without the slightest details.

Step Six. Evaluate the Book

After the analysis of the book, the student should define its role in the native and world literature, present its advantages and disadvantages and prove that it is really worth reading providing the reliable evidence.