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How to Write a Good Persuasive Speech

What is the difficulty to do a good persuasive speech? Probably, there are no difficulties at all except the time frames you are limited with. We believe that anybody can learn how to write a good persuasive speech, but it is not the biggest problem. It is much more important to present your speech well and make your audience to listen. If you study at college or university – it is a great chance to feel yourself like your professor does on the lectures. A big audience and quite a few students who are interested in your speech and really want listen. With our writing tips and guidelines for writing a good persuasive speech you will learn how to do this assignment in a few simple steps that anyone can pass through.

Step One: Who is your audience?

Depending on who will be your listeners you are free to chose different styles of writing. Of course, if you are going to present a new product of your company – you would better not experiment with styles, but sometimes even in these cases professional presenters can avoid formal rules of speech. If you know your audience – you can write the way you think they would like it, but be careful not doing too brave. If you are going to have a speech in your class and your classmates and professor are the only listeners – try to speak free and be calm. Do not forget to ask your professor what style you should stick with and what you are not allowed to do.

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Step Two: Be an actor

During your speech you are all in one – a director, screenwriter and an actor. You write your speech, you decide on what you are going to do and you play your role on the stage. As an actor – your goal is to convince your audience in your point of view. Even if you are not that good in this subject, in order to convince – try to show that you real professional in your topic. No one will ever know if you are really so because you stick to your written speech. As a good actor you should express your feelings well and have a good articulation. Train in front of the mirror to carry on a conversation with your audience. The whole speech – is a big conversation. Concentrate your attention at hand-play – it should not be too expressed, as far as people who do not know their subject well doing like this, but still you can not do without it. So find a middle way in gesticulation.

Step Three: How to prepare yourself for writing?

There are not too much ways to prepare yourself for writing a paper. A persuasive speech is not an exception. You need to do a good research first. Remember that you can be asked some questions by listeners after the speech is finished. So be ready to answer any question related to your topic. When you need to convince someone in a small period of time – use exceptionally the most significant facts and examples in support of your point. Take a few reliable sources (well-known books or scientific articles) and find the most interesting or even shocking information. Use examples from your personal life experience.

Step Four: Structure

Usually persuasive speech is not a lengthy piece of writing, nevertheless it has to be structured well. It should include the introduction section, body section, examples and conclusion. These sections are pretty the same as in informative speech but always make an accent on persuasion. Do not exceed the time limits and leave a little bit of time for questions.

A good speaker always thanks for attention and ask if someone has questions associated with his speech. Use our writing tips for writing a good persuasive speech and be sure that your listeners will applaud you! We are always glad to provide you with a guideline for writing academic papers.