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How to Write a Good MBA Thesis

A Master’s degree is a good chance for every student to broaden his outlook and to improve his knowledge in the field of business administration and finance. The culmination of a master’s level is an MBA thesis paper that evaluates student’s professional knowledge, creativity and qualification. Every MBA thesis is associated with hard work and many hours of self-education, therefore students require additional piece of advice with writing of their successful and original master’s thesis papers.

Step One: Choose a Good Topic

Before you start writing your MBA thesis, you have to communicate with your academic advisor and learn about the required format of writing, composition of your paper and any basic requirements of writing. The most popular format of an MBA thesis paper is APA format. Students should follow its standards when they cite their sources and build their assignment. When you think about the choice of the topic for analysis, you should bear in mind that it should be relevant, interesting and thought provoking. It is possible to choose a broad topic if you have ambitions and enough experience to cope with such a challenge. Consequently, students prefer generating narrow problems, because it is easier to organize their writing process and collect the right information.

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Step Two: Collect Information and Prepare an Introduction

When you research a problem for MBA thesis, you should be ready to devote enough time and efforts to accumulate facts and arguments that will be useful for research. It is wise to look through a few cases from the real life and analyze the development of the definite companies, expansion of markets, business models, etc. This information will be valuable for the successful composition of the material basis of your assignment. When one has collected information, he should prepare a detailed outline in order to plan the process of thesis writing. It is reasonable to start from an introduction and make your reader acquainted with the main problem and key points of your investigation. Remember that your task is to catch your reader’s attention and prepare him for the further analysis.

Step Three: Prepare Methodology and Literature Review

Every professor pays special attention to the quality of materials and methods that have been used for analysis. Therefore, students should take efforts to select the best methods for their assignment in order to impress their academic advisors. Naturally, every topic and key point requires its own research approach and methodology, so one has to be careful and prepare this section wisely. Finally, students must pay special attention to their literature review chapter in order to organize it according to the right format.