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How to Write a Good Dissertation Abstract

A dissertation is a serious academic document which is quite big in volume and requires strict structure and scrupulous research of the given topic. Generally, a dissertation paper consists of many parts and each dissertation chapter should be on its place and cover all demanded points. A dissertation abstract section is the first part of a great dissertation paper and it has a list of special peculiarities and requirements which a student has to fulfil. A dissertation abstract chapter is like a short summary of the whole dissertation, written before the introduction. In order to complete a good abstract you are welcome to follow professional dissertation abstract writing guidelines which will surely help you with this process.

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Step One: Define the Value of the Research

Before writing the abstract you should remember about the audience who will be reading your paper. You should try to make it really interesting, logical and captive. You should win the attention of the reader from the first sentences. In order to do it, present the value of the whole research in the most positive light. For example, if the topic has never been properly studied before, you have a good chance to show your abilities of an explorer and analyze the topic yourself saying that you are going to deepen the human knowledge in the given sphere or topic and make a considerable contribution into the discipline. Present the key points you are going to research and define their importance for the discipline.

Step Two: Define the Problem of the Research

Present the topic of the research, write a thesis statement which describes the whole field of your research. Demonstrate the problem and share your ideas concerning the solution of this problem. Write several hypothesis and predict the possible results of the research. Remember that these simple points, like purpose and statement are essential and the whole abstract will lose its sense if you miss them.

Step Three: Prepare a Methodology Section

The next step is quite important, because it demonstrates your skills and abilities to analyze and collect data with the help of various methods for the research. A good expert and every well-educated young professional is aware of all methods which can help a student to conduct research properly. The task is really difficult, as there are many methods and it is quite problematic to use them properly, as every method has its concrete usage in particular situation. If you are not sure whether the method is properly used, you had better ask a professional for advice. Teachers and professors pay special attention to the quality of the methodology, so do your best to make it perfect and master the usage of different methods in different moments.

Step Four: Predict the Results of the Research

A good dissertation is supposed to present certain innovations and findings for the discipline you are investigating. After the description of the research, present its possible results and define their value for the discipline. It is an advantage if you manage to find something new after researching your topic and you will be surely awarded will high grades and degrees. Finally, write a conclusion, summarizing everything you have written before and predict the general value of your dissertation: whether it is educational, informative, innovating, critical.

Step Five: Use Scientific Terminology

Writing an abstract remember that it is not a simple description or narration, but a part of a serious academic paper, that is why you are required to master and use key terms of your discipline and learned words to make it sound serious. Furthermore, a dissertation abstract, being a separate section, should not depend on the whole dissertation. A dissertation can completely exist without the abstract and the abstract should not lose its sense without the whole dissertation. That is why writing a dissertation abstract requires developed writing skills, because inexperienced student will find it difficult to create a logical completely independent dissertation chapter which includes all essential moments of the entire paper.