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How to Write a Good Dissertation Proposal

Before starting to write your dissertation proposal - ask yourself about your goals and purpose of writing a dissertation? Have you answered without difficulties? If so, then you are ready to prepare a good dissertation proposal, but still there is a question - how to write a good dissertation proposal? Writing a dissertation proposal makes no difficulties at all if you know and follow certain steps and requirements. If you already have an idea for your dissertation, then writing a dissertation proposal is just a defined chain actions that have to be performed. In this article we will present some important "to do" steps and writing tips that will definitely help you. So do not waste your time and start your way on getting a degree.

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Step One: Review your topic

If an idea to write a dissertation proposal has visited your mind, then you should already have your dissertation topic and the main idea. Before submitting your topic make sure it is narrow enough. Why do you need to do that? There are a lot of benefits of writing a dissertation (as well as proposal) on narrow topic. Narrow topics are much more manageable and you have more chances to discover something new and present more findings. Narrowing your topic you save numerous hours for researching at the same time and get a possibility to make your research more deep and detailed. Writing a dissertation proposal remember that one of the paragraph should be dedicated to the topic. Review your topic very detailed, describing it’s strong sides and benefits.

Step Two: Brainstorm your thesis

Thesis statement is one the keys that opens a doorway to successful defence of dissertation. Thesis statement usually presented in the end of introduction section and delivers the main idea, goals and even some expectations from your future dissertation. How can it be putted in one sentence - is the greatest problem of every student. There is no defined way to follow, the only thing that we can recommend is to pay the whole day for composing your thesis statement. Decide on things you want to present in this sentence and start to practice. Write numerous versions, update and edit them. Pick the most successful one and try to read it to a person that have no idea about your work. Thesis statement should be written so, that it would be clear to everybody. Always ask your advisor to give a response.

Step Three: Consult with your advisor

Remember that you are not alone with this challenge. Your advisor can help a lot! Ask him for suitable time and dates and consult. Your advisor should know about specific requirements of the committee and can give you the most useful guidelines. Check the structure, word limits and other formatting details to be sure your proposal will be accepted.

Step Four: General knowledge

What should every student know when writing a dissertation proposal? When presenting your writing to the committee you get a ticket for future work, so make sure you highlight all the benefits and exceptionally strong sides of your future dissertation. You should interest and intrigue the committee and prove that this writing is worthy and can reach good results. Explain your idea and methods, be ambitious and tell what results do you expect to get from this work. Be optimistic, persuasive and show yourself as a real professional in your field.

Always ask recommendations from your advisor and check for your institution’s requirements. Start writing early and do not miss a day - these are the keys to your success in writing a good Undergraduate, Master’s and PhD dissertation proposal.