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How to Write a Dissertation in MLA Format

The student who is planning to defend his Master's of PhD degrees in the field of humanities or arts will need to work out his dissertation in Modern Language Association (MLA) format. The paper will have to meet a range of requirements of the format to be accepted by the commission, so the student is able to look through the quality dissertation in MLA writing tips to catch how to prepare the assignment correctly.

Step One: Set the Basic Details of the Format

The initial task of the student is to format the page of the dissertation according to the details of the MLA style. First of all it is important to set the margins, which should be equal to 1 inch from all sides of the page. The text of the dissertation should be double-spaced for the professor’s convenience as it is much easier to read the text written in this way and to write down the corrections between the lines. The young person should also think about the right choice of the font, which should be convenient for reading, most often it is Times New Roman with the size equal to 12 points.

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Step Two: Organize the Headers

Every page should be organized in the appropriate way and a page’s header is a very important element of the paper. The dissertation of MLA style will need to have a header which should contain the number of the page and the student’s surname. Most often the number of the page should be placed at the top right corner of the page alongside with student’s last name, though there are cases when the number of the page is placed in other parts of the page, as it depends on the professor’s recommendations.

Step Three: Follow the Citations Requirements

Obviously, the student will use a great number of sources for writing his dissertation, so he should think about the right citation style which will meet the MLA format. So, when the one wants to cite the quotation of the certain scholar, he should write down the author’s last and first names, the title of the source, the city of publication, the name of the publisher and the year of publication.

Step Four: Organize the List of Works Cited

The final duty of the student is to prepare a good presentation of the list of works cited or the sources which have been used for the research. It is important to bear in mind that the sources are sorted according to the author’s last name, but not according to the title of the book or the order of the quotes which the student inserts into the text.