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How to Write a Good Dissertation Discussion

Being a great academic paper, a dissertation consists of many parts and requires strict structure. A dissertation discussion section is the final part of this big paper and many students find it very difficult to organize it properly. Very often professors measure the quality of the dissertation by its discussion chapter, because a good discussion is not a simple enumeration of the results of the research, but its deep and profound analysis. Having conducted research you should define its value soberly, write about the results and explain how they can be useful for the discipline or the society. Then, at the beginning of your investigation you have asked a rhetorical research question and in the discussion part your are supposed to answer it. This part is considered to be the most critical, because you have to analyse your work, the purpose and findings of your dissertation and judge its value. If you are not sure how to write a good dissertation discussion part, these guidelines will be useful for you and every young professional.

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Step One: Interpret the Results

First of all, present brief information about the purpose of the research and explain what you have planned to investigate. After that share with the tools and means you have used to conduct research and gradually demonstrate the results of your investigation. Remember that you should not simply enumerate the results, description can not attract much attention - you should interpret the results and define their value for the discipline. The general purpose of the discussion section is to show that you are able to analyze results and treat them critically. Before the research you have divided the main topic into several subtopics or problems, so now you have a chance to present concrete solutions to every subtopic and if you have managed to conduct thorough investigation and cover the topic completely - the value of your work is really high.

Step Two: Compare Your Research with Previous Attempts

If you are writing a dissertation you are supposed to make a considerable contribution into the subject or discipline, so you are required to inform the reader about previous investigations in your sphere. This will help the reader understand the background of your research, its strong and weak sides. If the topic has been poorly investigated and you have managed to enrich the human knowledge about it, your work will be considered to be nearly enormous and you will receive the highest mark.

Step Three: Analyze the Methods Used for the Research

Every dissertation is impossible without a well-organized methodology part, so you are expected to analyze and evaluate the methods which you have used for the investigation. Remember to be critical and demonstrate your knowledge and professional skills describing the usage of every method in the particular situation. Write how various methods have helped you achieve the expected results, what you have not manage to investigate and why.

Step Four: Suggest Further Possible Research of the Topic

Finally, it is time to finish the discussion chapter and concentrate on the brief presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of the research. Write what points are really successfully researched and what questions have remained investigated less than desired and share with the reasons of this problem. Concluding the discussion, present your opinion concerning the topic, what can be researched better and the moments worth paying attention to. Give useful advice for young professionals who will research this topic in future.