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How to Write a College Book Review

When college students are asked to prepare a book review they understand that this assignment is more serious than the one devoted to high school students, because it requires more attention, writing experience, critical thinking skills and more professional approach towards writing. In order to learn about the appropriate manner of writing a college book review students apply for the assistance in the Internet and find constructive ideas there.

Step One: What to start with?

It does not worth mentioning that the student is obliged to read the book attentively and his duty is to remember the maximum of the facts he has read about. In order to remember everything, the student is expected to take scrupulous notes which would mark the interesting and important moments and episodes directly in the book or the student can write down the information into the notebook or a laptop. The quantity and quality of the notes will influence the quality of the book review.

Step Two: What to stick with in introduction?

College students are supposed to be more experienced than the high school ones, so the introductory part of the book review should be more varied and informative. The student's duty is to present the title of the book, the name of the author with a few details about his activity, the genre of the book, the idea of the book and its importance in the world's literature.

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Step Three: The in depth analisis

The student should be ready to analyze the characters, dwell on their appearance, descriptions of their emotions, behaviour and worldview. Analysis of the plot, the characters and problems is more complicated and deeper than the one in the high school. The young professional is obliged to dwell on the connection of the appearance and character or the main heroes of the book. One should understand that the social problems of the book are illustrated through the main characters, so one should analyze them well and all the problems which can be found in the book will be revealed easily.

Step Four: Try to read between the lines

It is quite important to look through the book in the broader way and pay attention not only to the theme and the plot but also dwell on the stylistic devices used in the book in order to observe the author's writing skills. One should evaluate the stylistic side of the book and understand that the book is not only the source of information but also a masterpiece and hard work, because the author tries to make the text sound and look nicely.

Step Five: The summary

The concluding part of the college book review is supposed to evaluate the importance of the book for the country's and global literature and the student's subjective opinion should be supported with the evidence.