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How to Write a High School Book Review

Students are taught to read books not just for pleasure but for the enrichment of the personal horizons and the most common assignment related with these issues at high school is a book review. Naturally, the requirements are not strict at all, but there are a few rules which every student should follow if he wants to complete a successful review and receive a good mark.

Step One: Read the Book Carefully

The most obvious and logical introductory tip is the attentive reading. It is impossible to succeed in writing if the book is read without responsibility and attention. If the student has caught only basic facts from the plot, the quality of the book review will be very poor, so the student’s task is to read the text attentively and to take notes in order to mark the important and interesting moments related mainly with descriptions of events, nature and major characters. Taking notes during the process of writing will also save much time, because the student will not have to reread the text ones more.

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Step Two: Complete the Introduction

The student should prepare the introduction to the high school book review and dwell on the title of the book, the author, the genre of the book, its size, its cover, design, etc. These visual elements will help to understand whether the book looks nice and attracts the reader’s attention from the very moment it appears in his hands. The introduction should reveal basic facts about the book providing brief information about it.

Step Three: Prepare the Body

The main part of the book review is supposed to be divided into the several logical sections, where the student analyzes the content and problems of the book. For example, the first paragraph should present a brief plot of the book; the second – the main characters and their brief descriptions; the third – problems which can be associated with the plot.

Step Four: Be Creative

The most difficult factor of writing is the interesting manner of narration. Very few students manage to make their book review sound interesting, because the majority of them simply present the boring definite facts and descriptions without sensible connections. So the paper is supposed to be written in the persuasive and a bit informal tone.

Step Five: Define the Main Idea

When the details and characters are described, the student should think about the obvious problems which are presented in the text, because every book has sense and the certain idea, so the young professional should try to find out about the problems and present his own point of view about them.

Step Six: Prepare the Conclusion

Conclusion of the book review is expected to possess the summary of the student’s ideas and subjective evaluation of the book. The student should write whether he likes the book or not and prove his words with the arguments.