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How to Write a University Book Review

University students have more troubles with book review writing, because the assignment is supposed to be informative, big-in-volume and observe the book from all possible sides. The student is believed to be a mature and wise young professional, so the requirements of a book review are very high. It is possible to prepare a quality book review with the help of the guidelines designed by the experienced writers.

Step One: Prepare for taking notes

The most obvious first step of writing is the attentive reading of the chosen book. The student is supposed to understand that a university book review should contain interesting and thought-provoking information supported by the trustworthy evidence. The argumentation can be found only in the book, so attention and responsible taking notes is the student's duty. If one writes does all the essential descriptions, he will not have to read the text ones more.

Step Two: Give your reader as much as possible

Then, the student is ready to start writing the review. The introduction of the book review should supply the audience with the basic information about the book, its author, the genre, the volume, the theme and idea of the book and the place of the book in the world literature. The university level is more complicated than high school or college one, so the student should dwell on the author's personality and try to relate his biography with the events described in the book. Furthermore, one should compare the book to the other books of this author and evaluate it appropriately.

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Step Three: Highlight the main aspects

The main body of the book review should contain information about the theme and main ideas and problems of the book. Before that one should supply the professor with a brief plot of the book and then dwell on the characters, events and problems. It is extremely important to observe the characters in the right way and pay attention to their inner and outer description. One should understand that characters enable to understand the problems of the book. The problems can be also discovered with the help of the analysis of the background historic facts taking place in the text and with the help of the biographical facts of the author. Moreover, one should read between the lines in order to find out about the political, social, economic and other issues which can be found in the text.

Step Four: Present and support your point

After the detailed analysis of the book one should prove his point of view about the importance of the book for the world literature. The student should enumerate the strong and weak sides of the book supplying the professor with the arguments and summarize the book review in the most appropriate way suggesting whether the book is worth attention or not.