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How to Write a Good Admission Essay

When graduation from high-school is pretty close students should realize that in the nearest future their lives are going to change significantly. In adult life you should learn how to present yourself in order to be able to reach your life goals. Your first experience where you can show yourself not only with your grades – is an admission essay. Many colleges and universities require to write a good admission essay. Do not think that this is just an additional work for you that has no sense at all. Very often university committees base their final decisions exactly on how good an admission essay was written. Writing an admission essay keep in mind that this is your chance to rise yourself in committee’s eyes. Today we will provide you with some important writing tips and try to explain how to write a good admission essay:

Step One: Visit institution’s website

Before starting to write your essay – visit you future institution’s website in order to get an additional information. Very often colleges require a strict following their instructions for writing an admission essay. Check and save information about font size, font style, words limit for the whole essay. Also some institutions have number of questions that have to answered in admission essay, check the maximum word count for each question. Be attentive because some institutions have downloadable blank where you can type in all the necessary information about yourself. Nowadays most of the institutions have such blanks that really simplify process of writing. Nevertheless there is a traditional way of writing that requires you to compose a complete essay with a defined number of words.

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Step Two: How to organize your essay

Usually admission essay has standard sections with introduction, body and conclusion. All these sections have to be linked logically and present your clear thinking. Start an introduction with a classic “hook”. Surprise your reader with an outstanding fact about your life. Remember that your introduction should contain a thesis.

Step Three: What should I write about?

Usually when students ask how to write an admission essay they mean a subject of their writings. Remember that an admission essay is a story that tells about your life goals, education, achievements and qualifications. Tell the readers about your expectations from faculty you chose and how you will use your nowadays knowledge and skills in future education. Explain why do you think this institution can give you what you want. Describe yourself, tell about your favorite disciplines and hobbies. If you are playing in team – write about your sport achievements. Have you ever taken a part in social activities? Colleges and universities are looking for self-confident, ambitious and prospective students and your goal is to prove that you are perfectly-fitting candidate without telling lie. Remember that you will have an interview, so you would better tell the truth. Step Four: Applying to several institutions

If you are applying to several institutions – make an effort and write a separate essay for each of them. Write an essay special for a certain institution – tell why do you proud with this college and what makes you to apply for entrance?

Use our writing tips and write your admission essay using all your talent. Do not be too formal but still write everything grammatically. We wish you enter an institution of your dream soon!