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How to Write a Good Personal Essay

A personal essay can be a part of your application package to school or college or it can be a usual assignment in class. Anyway personal essay has pretty the same rules and requirements to follow except the fact that personal essay for application should cover some specific questions of the institution. Sometimes students face with some difficulties writing a personal essay because of the unclear understanding of what should be included to this writing. This article will provide you with some guidelines that should help you to get started and keep on track. Learn how to write a good personal essay be reading our writing tips and step by step guidelines.

Step One: In case of application

If you are going to enter a school or college then writing a personal essay can be a part of requirements for enter. Writing a personal essay for application has more strict rules but you have more clear understanding of what to write about in your essay. The website of this institution helps a lot – visit it’s enter section a read their instructions thoroughly. Usually they have the whole list of requirements and questions to be answered in personal essay. Also pay attention on other important things such as word limits, citation style and other details. Follow these instructions when writing, try to give a brief and very clear information.

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Step Two: A good introduction

Personal essay should be written very specifically, each personal essay – is unique at presents the personality of it’s author. So how to make your paper to be catchy and different from thousands of common personal essays? The key for success – is a well-written introduction. Introduction is a part that creates a first impression, that is so important. Do not use cliches – your professor or committee reads thousands of them each day. Start your writing with a life story or very interesting and wise phrase – grab the reader’s mind. Then brainstorm how it can be linked with your next sentence to draw the reader into topic very fluently. The next thing that should be decided before starting – is your thesis statement. It can be a sentence that presents your life goals, beliefs, religion. Write it in the end of introduction section.

Step Three: Writing a body

Remember that you should cover every question that was listed on the website. Try to answer in the form of the story that tells about your personality. Do not write a boring “question answer”, show your creativeness. Also you are free to add anything you think will help the committee to understand you better, but always check the word limits. Explain your life goals and be very specific about the institution you chose – write about your choice and expectations from the specific college/school.

Step Four: Avoid this

Never send the same personal essay to several different institutions, be specific. Never tell lies in your personal essay – it can appear at the interview. Try to avoid of telling the information that was already listed somewhere in your application – show that you have more to say. Tell about yourself as much as possible – do not write about global warming etc. – this is personal essay.

Prepare your personal essay when you have enough time to think and have a good mood – this will help you a lot. Be positive and serious, a little bit funny, show your personality and ambitious. Use these writing tips and previous experience to create an awesome personal essay!