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How to Write a Good Informal Essay

Are you tired with formal academic writings that require to speak like machines? If so, then our today’s article is written specially for you. We are going to speak about informal essay – the most creative and relaxed writing in high-school and college. To say the truth – it is pretty difficult to explain how to write a good informal essay since this writing tends to be more personal then any other. There are a lot of views how to do an informal essay, though there are no specific rules. You are free to write your thoughts on any topic or even about something you have seen yesterday (an event or story). Writing informal essay you should try to be open minded and show your personality to the readers. How can it be reached? Our writing tips will help you in creating a good informal essay.

Step One: The most popular essay topics

Usually professors do not assign certain topics for informal essay and students chose them themselves. What topic is good enough for this writing? Very often students write informal essay like a fictional story. You should not be honest, it can be never-happened story but your feelings and views should present your actual personality. You are free to write your story in the first, second or third person.

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Here are some ideas for your informal essay topic:

  • What is your religion?
  • The day I will never forget
  • Something that makes me different
  • The journey of my life
  • My priorities
  • What would I changed if I could?

These topics have really deep importance and they are able to show your personality. Use them or close to them topics for writing your own informal essay.

Step Two: How to write?

The best way to reach a good contact with your readers – is to relax and let your real thoughts lie down on a paper. Write in relaxed and casual manner – let the readers see that you really write your thoughts and views on your subject. Speak with your reader! We would recommend you to write your essay in conversational tone, asking your reader the questions and giving your personal point of view on them. Speak directly to the reader and share your thoughts with him. Writing an informal essay this way – you will reach the best contact and confidence, that is so important in this type of essay. Your professor will appreciate your outspoken and open minded.

Step Three: Structure your essay

The absence of strictly defined rules does not mean the absence of structure. Your informal essay should still has a strong thesis statement that presents the main idea of your writing. Think beforehand about the point you would wish to deliver to your readers and state it in a beautiful manner. Entertain your readers with unusual introduction. Try to be consistent and do not change your mind during the one paragraph. Make sure your thoughts go logically and everything makes sense (at least for you).

Finally we would say you to relax and just enjoy this writing – it is the best way to create something worthy. Edit and proofread your informal essay before submitting.