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How to Write a Good Deductive Essay

Logical thinking is appreciated in all fields of science especially in medicine. There is no assignment that could show your logical thinking skill better then deductive essay. Writing a deductive essay you probably would like to know what is premise, evidence and conclusion and why are they so important for this paper? We are not able to teach you to think logically but we can explain you how to write a good deductive essay. Deductive reasoning is a lot like solving a puzzle but in writing form. Before starting to do this assignment – ask your professor what argument style is required (there are categorical arguments and propositional arguments). After you got all the necessary information – start writing your essay right away. Do not divide your work into several parts – you can lose the logical flow of thoughts that is so important for deductive essay.

Step One: Premise

You are not able to write a deductive essay without a premise. Premise is a fact or belief that is primary given to you, with another words premise is basis of your essay. Sometimes you can have up to ten premises, but it is really complicated to link everything logically with that number of facts. Some professors give students already completed premises, that actually makes your writing more complicated. Decide on your premises, make sure you can find an accurate source of information associated with this topic. We recommend you to look for premises in the web – there are a lot of examples that can be used in your essay. Do not afraid of plagiarism – you take only facts or belief, but the whole essay should be written using your personal thoughts and discussions.

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Step Two: Evidence

This part presents something 100% proved. It can be a story or the results of your own research and experience. Evidence is the way to your future conclusion. Evidence can also be supported with additional facts, examples or statistic information. The best evidence are well-known facts, historical events or results of performed research. Moreover if your professor will see research's results in essay – it will be an additional confirmation of your deserved A+ grade. So make sure you pay enough time to get reliable and good evidence and supporting facts. While writing a deductive essay – discuss the premises and evidence making a logical chain of conclusions.

Step Three: Conclusion

Conclusion section is the most important part in this writing, as far as the whole essay was written to draw a good conclusion. It is not necessary to have a single conclusion, usually during the discussions you come up to several outcomes. Your conclusions should be clear and focused. Base them on premises and evidence, use your life experience. In the end of your essay – sum up everything and restate your thesis once again. Remember that deductive reasoning takes the most reasonable ways. You can not come up to correct conclusion during the writing. Think of your future conclusions before starting to write. You need to have a complete plan of your work before starting to type.

Writing a deductive essay try to dedicate each paragraph to a certain point, premise or thesis. One paragraph tells about certain thought – remember this and you will avoid structure troubles in future. Deductive essay is not a simple task but we believe that using our writing guidelines you will be in time and get the highest grade.