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How to Write a Good Definition Essay

High-school and first-year college students usually assigned to write a definition essay in order to develop the constructive thinking and to learn how to express their thoughts effectively. At first writing a good definition essay looks like a pretty simple task. What can be easier than giving a dictionary definition of the word? But very often students face with a problem when they just have nothing to write about in their definition essays. If no one ever told you how to write a definition essay this problem will meet you for sure! Writing a good definition essay is not just about giving a dictionary explanation of the word. Good Writing Help will provide you with writing tips for definition essay, follow our steps in order to create an A+ paper.

Step One: Chose a good word to define

In most cases students are free to chose the word or phrase they wish to define. We recommend you to focus on this step because too simple or too complicated words can cause additional difficulties. Do not chose words that you use every day or words that you have never heard about. It should be something that will make your reader to read with interest. Good Writing Help team recommends to chose human traits, for example: nobleness, tact, wisdom or fairness. This words are interesting to define and they really have a deep meaning. Too complicated words or phrases can confuse you, moreover it is really difficult to structure them well.

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Step Two: What should I write in my introduction?

At the introduction section of definition essay you should tell the reader what your essay will tell about, why it can be interesting to them. Also in this section you present your thesis statement where you exactly state the word or phrase and the method of defining. It goes without saying that before starting to write students should do a small research. Find out as much as possible about your word.

Step Three: Methods

Quite a few students know that there are several ways to define the words or phrase. In order to do a good definition essay you should present the method you used. These are some general methods that students usually use: a historical definition (the meaning of word over the certain period of time), a negative definition, a restrictive definition, an objective definition, a subjective definition. Use one of these methods for your definition essay.

Step Four: Body section

This is where most of the students start to face with troubles. What should I write about? While doing a research find out the background of the word or phrase you chose, how has it come to your country, what was the spelling first and what changes it has occurred in pronouncing and spelling now? What this words does NOT mean and why? Try to answer these questions in your body section.

Definition essay is one of the most simple assignment in college and high-school, we are sure that you will do your task for an A+. Use our writing tips and learn how to write this and many other academic papers! Start writing early and always do everything in time, stick to your schedule for the best results!