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How to Write a Good Response Essay

A good response essay – is a simple response to a text, film or clip based on strong arguments, personal reaction, research and supporting facts written in critical manner. But what else should good response essay contain? Writing a response essay do not forget that it requires to present your personal view on the subject, with another words you should give a counter-arguments against the authors view and present the correct one (in your opinion). Of course, you may agree with an author’s points, in this case you will need to explain very detailed why do you feel the same way. As any other academic writing, response essay has some nuances that need to be highlighted. In our article we will present some general writing tips and guidelines that will help you to write your assignment faster and more effectively. Follow these simple steps:

Step One: Explore the material

Regardless on what you are going to give a respond – film, book or magazine article – you need to thoroughly learn a material. Usually, college students write a response essays on texts, so we will write our guide as if we were assigned to do a response essay on article. To perform the first step you will need to make a copy of document you are going to give a respond on and find a shit of paper, pen and highlighter. While reading the text highlight the most important sentences, ideas and arguments that author used in his article. You will save a lot of time in future as far as you have the most important facts by your hand.

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Step Two: Notes

You do not need to note things you have in the document – you always can find them easily in the highlighted copy. Use a separate paper to write down your own ideas, thoughts or feelings that usually appears in mind during the reading. After the text will be read your ideas can be lost very simply – making notes can save you a lot of time. When doing your notes – try to structure them a little bit, put ideas for writing to separate column and personal reactions as well.

Step Three: Create an outline

Using the notes and highlighted parts of the text makes creating an outline a simple task. Good structured paper – is half of success. A good response essay should include an introduction that draws in the reader and presents the summary of what you have read, a body section and conclusion. In order to perform the next step it would better if you will do some research on your subject. Read another sources close to your topic, find other author’s views.

Step Four: A body itself

What should be presented in the body section? There are a number of things you can write about in the body. Restate a thesis that gives your personal reaction to the text in general. Explain why do you feel so? Write an examples from text to support you point. Sum-up the most important points and their arguments (or tell that a point is not argued). With what points do you agree or disagree, explain why? Present your counter-arguments and personal point of view. Feel free to write other author’s ideas but always cite the source and do this like a comparison. In the conclusion restate your reaction in general and repeat the arguments it is based on.

Create a bibliography and check everything once again. Proofread you writing and ask someone to read it. We hope this article was helpful and provided you with understanding of how to write a good response essay. Good Writing Help is trying to make your education easier, follow our tips and advices!