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How to Write a Good Process Essay

A process essay is also known as how-to essay, because it explains how to fulfil the definite action assigned by your teacher. Process essay writing is quite a delicate job, because one should know how to organize the process of writing and how to construct his text correctly. Below you will find process essay writing tips that will help you prepare a good paper yourself.

Step One: Brainstorm Materials and Steps

To begin with, divide a shirt of paper into two columns. The first column is “Materials”, while the second one is “Steps”. Obviously, you should brainstorm what exact materials you require for your action and what steps should be taken to fulfil it. You do not have to keep to the definite order. At this step, you just generate ideas and write them down randomly. Remember that the success of your process essay depends on the quality and variety of your steps, so try to be creative and accurate to describe every action in detail.

Step Two: Organize Your Steps

When you have brainstormed all possible materials and steps, you should make them look logically and systematic. Try to think what step is the initial one and what step can occur at the end of your procedure. If you do not want to forget the right order of your actions, mark them with numbers in your “Steps” column.

Step Three: Prepare a Good Outline

Now you need to prepare a detailed outline that will control the process of writing. You should mark all sections that will be found in your essay. You should start from an introductory part, then add steps (this part will play the role of the main body) and finish with conclusion or summary.

Step Four: Follow Your Outline

Start your process essay with a sound introduction in order to attract reader’s attention. Say what you are writing about and what materials you need to fulfil the suggested action. Secondly, introduce the whole procedure in detail. Write the whole main body in step-by-step form marking each step with a number. Sometimes teacher say that students should not mark their steps with numbers, so you ought to discuss this point with your teacher. Moreover, some teachers ask students to limit the number of steps to make students learn how to prepare a concise and logical piece of writing.

Step Five: Summarize Your Process Essay

The final step of process essay writing is a summary. You should write about the expected results of your procedure if one follows your steps promptly. You can also emphasize the effectiveness of your instructions and say whether they can be improved.