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How to Write a Good Compare and Contrast Essay

This is the case when essay’s name speaks for itself. Compare and contrast essay is an academic writing that highlights the differences and similarities between two topics, events, ideas or writings. Problems starts because you never know what things you will be assigned to compare and contrast. If you were asked to write an essay in the class – you would better be ready and learn how to write a good compare and contrast essay beforehand. If you were assigned to write it at home – relax and let this article to teach you how to do this task effectively. Writing compare and contrast essay makes no difficulties at all if you have some good sources related to your topic and our writing tips by your hand. Follow our guidelines to write faster and more effectively that usual.

Step One: Make a research

Writing any academic paper remember that a well-performed research – is a key for success. Whatever you write, even if you are pretty good in this topic – make a thorough research anyway. Let us figure out what exactly should you focus on while doing a research. First of all – take two accurate sources for each of your subjects. Make a copy to be able to highlight words with marker. When reading – pay attention to different specific features, when has it happened (in case of comparing two events), read thoroughly descriptions of your subjects and note some basic nuances.

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Step Two: Similarities

Start with similarities – take a separate paper and make a list of similarities. Try to find as much as possible similar features. When the list is done – narrow it by choosing the most important and significant similarities. How lengthy your essay should be? Ask your professor and decide on how many paragraphs you will do. Leave a corresponding number of similarities but do not forget about a list of differences.

Step Three: Differences

Just do the same thing like you did in the previous step but using the differences. Do not forget about the word limits and narrow your list respectively.

Step Four: Outline your paper

Compare and contrast essay has strictly-defined structure that every educational institution requires to follow. First of all you should decide on your strategy. There are two ways of writing a compare and contrast essay: addressing both items in the same paragraph or addressing a specific item. If you chose the second way – include to your essay a separate section where you will then compare already cited nuances of each subject. We recommend writing an essay addressing both items in the same paragraph since it is little bit easier. It is important to do an outline ahead of time. Your essay should contain an introduction section with a strong thesis statement that highlights the purpose of your writing, body section that consists of paragraphs written in accordance with previously maid lists (second and third steps) and conclusion. Writing a conclusion – sum up the evidence that prove the ways two items are the same or different. Restate your thesis and prove that the goal of your writing has been reached.

After a few times of writing this type of essay – it will make no difficulties for you at all. We hope our writing tips and guidelines will help you to reach a good results in writing academic papers. Compare and contrast essay writing steps are simple and can be performed by any student – learn to write with our website for the most effective writing!